10 best fitness band under 3000 for women 2021

Best Fitness Band Under 3000 For Women

Fitness Bands (trackers) are a great way to keep a fitness regime on track without having to stress about not being able to check fitness stats while you’re out jogging or playing soccer. Keeping fitness trackers in India has become easier over the years, thanks to fitness tracker companies launching campaigns and Amazon adding fitness band listings.

Currently, most of the people are going for fitness band as most of them want to monitor their body parameters such as heart rate, what they eat and also how much they walk.  It is considered good to make use of one’s health in a better way by using this gadget which helps you monitor your body all day long.

So, if you’re wondering which fitness tracker will help you with your fitness goals, here’s our list of Best Fitness Band Under 3000 For Women that’ll make fitness tracking easy in India.

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best fitness band under 3000

1. Mi Smart Band 5

Best Fitness Band Under 3000 For Women

It is one of the most popular fitness bands in India and at the same time, it’s the most reliable device for health monitoring. Mi Smart Band 5 comes with a 1.1 Inches inch OLED display that is able to deliver efficient real-time readings like heart rate, calories burned during a workout, etc. It has a speck of IP67 dust and a water-resistant rating which means that you can wear this smartwatch while taking shower or doing any kind of sporting activity but remember not to submerge it in water completely because then it will be damaged permanently.

Mi Band 5 is the only fitness band under 3000 rupees that provides you real-time heart rate readings and it’s one of the cheapest fitness bands with a 1.1 Inches inch OLED display but it’s still an efficient device despite having lots of competitors out there.


  • Water-resistant
  • 1-year warranty
  • Weight – 12 g
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery life – Up to 12 days
  • Personal activity intelligence
  • Magnetic charging support
  • Display – 1.1 inches AMOLED touch
  • 11 sports mode


  • Large 1.1 Inches display.
  • Detailed sleep tracking with deep and light sleep data.
  • Comes with Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI).
  • Delivers strong Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Wide compatibility.
  • Up to 14 days battery backup
  • Numerous Stylish watch faces.


  • No NFC support.
  • Doesn’t Support the SpO2 sensor.
  • No in-built GPS.

2. OPPO Smart Band with Extra Sport Strap

Best Fitness Band Under 3000 For Women

It is a perfect and trendy-looking fitness band that will fit around your wrist with ease. It takes less than 10 minutes to get synced with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. The smartwatch has a very good battery life as it can last for more than one week in standby mode which means that you have to charge it only once every 7 days if you use the device just for checking notifications from time to time or listening to music while going out of home for work etc. 

You don’t need to worry about accidental water splashes because it’s a speck of IP67 dust and a water-resistant device but do not wear it while taking a shower.  It’s also capable of tracking your sleep with the help of breathing monitoring technology which makes it more efficient in monitoring your health than other fitness bands under 3000 in India.


  • Continuous SpO2 Monitoring
  • .1-inch color AMOLED screen
  • Up to 12 Days Battery backup
  • Support 5ATM+Water & Dust Resistant


  • Good AMOLED Display
  • Water & Dust resistance
  • Support Different workout modes and Good health tracking
  • Average battery life


  • No Smart Assistant
  • Can’t take calls

3. Honor Band 5

Best Fitness Band Under 3000 For Women

The Honor Band 5 is a good option for people who want to stay fit. It has a heart rate monitor and it’s waterproof, so you can work out without worrying about damaging your device. It comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.  However, the app is not the most user-friendly thing out there but if you have the patience to figure it out, you will be able to use all its features.

The band itself has all the necessary sensors for your health tracking needs like help you track sleep quality and your heart rate. It also has a pedometer and reminders to move so you don’t sit idle for long periods of time.  The battery life is about three days, which is pretty standard for fitness bands.



  • Full-color AMOLED screen.
  • Provides longer battery life.
  • Water resistance of up to 5 ATMs makes the bracelet waterproof.
  • Real-time heart rate monitoring. It offers different dials to make them look more attractive.
  • It comes with SpO2 and scientific sleep monitoring.
  • It has a smart assistant and notification reminder function.


  • This fitness band does not display detailed sleep records. For this, you need a connection with the Honor application.

4. OnePlus Smart Band

Best Fitness Band Under 3000 For Women

The OnePlus Smart Band (Heart Rate Monitor) is the perfect gift for women who want to get fit and healthy. It has a heart rate monitor and it’s waterproof, so you can work out without worrying about damaging your device. The OnePlus Smart Band (Heart Rate Monitor) is thin and lightweight, so it won’t get in the way of a strenuous workout. It’s also stylish and trendy, with vibrant colors that will brighten up your day!

This fitness band for women has an elegant design. It comes with a ‎1.1 Inches OGS TFT LCD Touch Screen,‎ so you can view all your vital statistics. Unlike many other fitness bands for women, the OnePlus Smart Band (Heart Rate Monitor) has a built-in heart rate tracker. It’s perfect when you’re exercising! This device monitors your pulse in real-time and displays it on its screen – no more guesswork!

When you’re done exercising, the OnePlus Smart Band (Heart Rate Monitor) will record all your data. It tracks your distance traveled, calories burned, and more! Then you can keep track of all this information from your mobile phone. You can also set personal goals and let the device know when you hit them.


  • PC+ABS material waterproof grade IP67.
  • Average battery backup
  • Average display
  • Accurate SpO2 and heart rate
  • 24/7 heart rate


  • Display is Great
  • Smooth Rubber and Band design is skin-friendly
  • 24/7 heart rate sensing


  • Average Battery

5. Mi Smart Band 4

Best Fitness Band Under 3000 For Women

Mi Smart Band 4 is an advanced fitness and sleep tracker that’s compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. It offers a heart rate sensor, multi-day battery, and real-time voice assistant to keep you fit and healthy every day. It has a large OLED screen that displays all the information you need.

The Mi Smart Band 4 Fitness Band is a good option for people who want to stay fit. It has a heart rate monitor and it’s waterproof, so you can work out without worrying about damaging your device. This fitness band is packed with some top features that allow you to get in shape. It has a heart rate sensor that monitors your heartbeats at all times and it shows you the results on the display.

Mi Smart Band 4 Fitness Band gives you up to 30 days or more battery life on a single charge, so you can wear it day and night. The automatic sleep tracker function is great for people who want to check if they are sleeping soundly or not.


  • Support Real-time voice assistant
  • Smarter music controls
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0
  • 0.95 inches AMOLED Display
  • Up to 20 days of Battery life
  • Water-resistant
  • Unlimited watch faces
  • 1-year warranty


  • Long battery life
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Real-time voice assistant
  • Compatible with Android & iOS smartphone


  • Sleep tracking issue.

How to Choose the Best Fitness Band for

Choosing the best fitness band for you is going to depend on your personal preferences and what features you need from the device. Generally, fitness bands have a wide range of functions but they all do pretty much the same thing: track the steps you take, calories you’ve burned, and sleep patterns. Here we have mentioned Things to consider before buying the best women’s fitness band in India.

1. Design

In choosing the best fitness band for women, design is quite important. A great and fashionable fitness band can motivate you to wear it every day. However, if you hate the way your activity tracker looks or feels on your wrist, you’ll be less likely to wear it regularly. Its attractive features are a plus but if what you want is something that will last long as well as be functional enough to meet your needs, then make sure that its appearance is something that appeals to you and also matches your taste in style.

2. Activity Functions

Some of the best fitness bands will track more than just steps. Typically they monitor activities like sleep and heart rate as well, which is really helpful when creating an overall picture of your fitness and health. Makers of fitness bands have now started to realize that women prioritize sleep as their most desired feature, so many firms are now catering to this demand by creating easy-to-use devices with better sleep tracking features.

3. Battery Life

Another point worth considering when choosing the best fitness band for you is its battery life. The best ones out there will last for about a week under normal use before it needs charging again. However, because activity trackers aren’t always being used (you can go days without taking any steps), manufacturers generally put in smaller batteries so they will save on manufacturing costs and not be forced to make them bigger or bulkier than they need to be (after all, no one wants an ugly device when it’s not even being used).

4. Charging Options

Battery life is often a concern for fitness trackers so many companies are now making their devices with built-in USB cables that you can plug into your laptop or port on the wall to recharge the battery. This means you don’t have to carry around batteries and worry about replacing them when they run out. If this is a feature you want in your device, make sure you check if it comes included before purchasing any specific model.

5. Companion App and Compatibility

Some activity trackers come with companion apps that will help show off all of the fun stats the tracker is collecting. The app also allows you to see trends over time so that you can keep improving the quality of your workouts. Many apps will also sync with other fitness tracking devices and platforms so that you can have a more complete picture of all the activities you’ve done in one day across multiple devices.

6. Water Resistant and Water Proof

Many people working out prefer to wear swimming trunks or bathing suits, so they need fitness bands that are waterproof. A waterproof band is suitable for those users who like to go hiking or camping because it can withstand exposure to rain, dirt, and extreme temperatures as well. This is definitely something worth looking into if you’re preparing for long hikes through mountain trails, trekking up steep mountainsides, or going on tough adventures in the woods.

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