best hair dryer for women india

Best Hair Dryer For Women India

India is a hair hub in the world where hair stylists, hair manufacturers and hair saloons are present in each corner of the city. India has brought revolutionary changes to hair care by bringing latest hair products into market due this trend more men are now willing to style their hair using manual hair dryers even though earlier it was considered as unmanly thing to do.

A Hair Dryer For Women has frequently used on wet hair as a way to speed up the drying process and it was designed to speed hair drying. Most hair dryers can be used on wet hair, the hair dryer is operated with switching it ON when blowing hair from root to end.

Nowadays, hair dryers are available as long-life energy efficient hair styling tools and in variety of shapes and sizes according to the desired style for hair that is brushing hair root to end in a hair dry hair styling tool that could be hair curlers, hair straightener and hair tongs.

The hair dryers can either come with diffuser nozzles or without a diffuser nozzle gives the hair volume depending upon the hair type and amount of heat produced by the hair dryer hair styling tools.

I have compiled a list of best hair dryer for women that you should buy according to your budget. So let’s get started.

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Best Hair Dryer For Women India

Best Hair Dryer For Women India

1.  Philips HP8500 hair dryer

Philips hair dryers are latest hair styling tools with different style hair dryers for men and women, they are available in India at a cheaper price. This hair styling tool has 4 attachments comb that gives one the desired hair style with its ionic technology to give volume to hair while blowing hair using its advanced speed responsive motor which can blow hair faster than an ordinary hair dryer. Its ceramic heating system makes it more durable and adds strength to the filters that will not make your hair damaged in any way. This compact size hair dryer has two speed settings so you can adjust according to your choice

2. Panasonic EH – SN1760A Hair Dryer

# This hair styling tool comes with the latest technology of high-speed hair drying system, which is efficient in hair drying. The hair dryer has an ionic setting that disrupts hair cuticles in a way to make hair smooth and shiny while it eliminates frizz from hair and keeps hair healthy. It also comes with three speed settings for different hair types

3. Vidal Sassoon VS – R18 Sew Dry Hair Dryer

#It is one of the best hair styling tools available in India at cheaper prices, V S Sassoon hair dryers are compact size so as to fit into your handbags while traveling you can carry it easily. It gives shine and volume in just few minutes time. this mini hair dryer is available in three colors and hair dryers hair clip is also included with this hair dryer.

4. LuxRx hair straightener hair styling tools

#This hair styling tool comes at a cheaper price, you can get it from any of your local online stores. Hair styling tools are latest hair styling products which helps to sculpt hairs as per ones choice. The hair has the capability to straighten hair using its adjustable temperature settings and keep frizz from hair pores without damaging hair texture or making it rough

5. Vitamix 1875 Watt Dryer

It one of the most favourite hair styling tools among celebrities because it has been appreciated by many celebrities for hair care.

Vitamix hair dryer comes with 1875 watt powerful motor that dries hair at faster speed while reducing hair damage and hair loss  due to heat exposure.

This hair styling tool can be used on all hair types, but you must use a hair protection serum before using this hair dryer to prevent frizz from hair . It is very easy to carry due it has lightweight body it also has different heat settings so anyone can set the temperature according to their comfort level. I would recommend you buy this product if you want healthy hair because it contains herbal extracts which promote healthy hairs even though it is bit expensive compared to other products in market.

6. Philips smart iron

It is one of the hair styling tools that is available at cheaper price in market. This hair product can be used on all hair types even though it is not made up of herbal ingredients but this hair dryer will not damage hair due to its powerful 1875 watt motor and different heat settings, if you are looking for a hair dryer with less price then Philips iron hair dryer can be your choice

7.Hair care products from India

Hair care products from India contains natural ingredients which promote healthy hairs they have been used since last centuries because of their 100% results on hair growth . If you want to buy any hair product go through reviews before buying it according to your needs.

8. Mayur beauty

Indian hair hair stylist hair dryer: – It is one of the hair styling tools that has been popular among women’s because it comes at cheap price and comes with two years warranty. This hair care product contains herbal extracts which promote healthy hair growth . The only disadvantage of this hair dryer is that it does not have 1875 watts motor but still, you can buy this hair dryer if you are on budget because this hair care product provides really good results to users

9. Flipkart smart iron hair stylist

Flipkart hair care products comes with black colour theme its body made up of plastic material which makes it light weight so anyone can carry while traveling or to college. This hair drying tool has 1875 watts hair styling tool which makes hair dried at faster speed even though Flipkart hair care products has average performance but the only disadvantage of this hair dryer is that it does not have 1875 watt motor like hair stylist from other  brands.

10. Philips HP8280 hairdryer

This hair styling tool is made up of plastic body with ceramic heating system and has unique air direct system which shape hair as a professional would do using his fingers. It also comes with three attachments comb for styling purpose, the powerful motor of this hair dryer can blow hair faster than ordinary hair dryers. Its ions smoothen hair cuticles to make it shiny and smooth without creating hair damage. This hair hair styling tool is available in India at a cheaper price

11. Bajaj hair dryer

This hair styling tool has black body with ceramic heating system inside, it gives volume to hair and makes hair smooth with its ionic technology even though Bajaj hair dryer is not known for providing professional level performance but this hair styling tool is made up of plastic material which makes it more durable than ordinary hair stylist. Its air direct system shapes hair using fingers just like a professional would do. The speed of motor can be adjusted with three settings, this hair stylist comes at affordable price so any one without hesitation can buy this hair care product

12. Philips HP8162 Prestige hair dryer

This hair styling tool is available in India at a cheaper price it has metal body made up of titanium which makes hair stylist durable and long lasting. It hair drying tool comes with ceramic heating system that gives hair smoothness while its ionic technology eliminates frizz from hair so you can have shiny hair. The hair styling tool has three settings for speed and heat control, the powerful motor blows hair faster than ordinary hair dryers even though this hair drying tool does not give professional results but it is perfect to do your own hairstyle at home or when traveling.

13. Philips HP8200 Hair Dryer

This beautiful blue colour theme hairdryer comes with 4 attachments comb, which make hair styling easier. It hair dryer comes with ceramic heating system inside its body which dries hair faster even while hair stylist has comb attachments that give hair different styles when compared to ordinary hair stylist hair dryers. Its ionic technology makes hair smooth and shiny without any hair damage this hair styling tool is available in India at a cheaper price.

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