Madhuri Dixit wore ghagra choli on 5 different occasions after her marriage

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit is not overshadowed by her style of dance and dance. Rather, their makeup and dressing style is so amazing that every beauty starts to fade in front of them. We have brought here some special lehenga looks of Madhuri Dixit. In which Madhuri looted the Mahfil on different occasions. (Madhuri Dixit Nene)

Everyone is beautiful. But not everyone knows how to decorate their beauty. This difference only makes women special, who learn how to enhance their beauty. Madhuri Dixit is also one of the few Bollywood actresses who are ageless. There is no round. Rather, they occur on a hype every round. (Madhuri Dixit Nene Gorgeous Lehenga Looks) By looking at these lehenga looks of Madhuri Dixit, you will also agree with us that how Madhuri is very impressed by how the bijli is dropped in any patterned dress.

Madhuri Dixit with Messy bun with puff

Madhuri Dixit

When she arrived at the Madhuri event wearing a fuchsia and silver colored shiny lehenga, the spectators just kept looking. For one, Madhuri herself is so beautiful and if the dress is beautiful from the top, then there are four moons in beauty.

With this shimmery lehenga, Madhuri carries matching jalousie and bean-tone lipstick. At the same time, creating puffs in the front side of the hair, made a messy bun on the backside. Simple finishing and touch-up have been given to the eyes.

Hair is beauty

Madhuri Dixit

Her hairstyles have a big contribution in making every look of Madhuri special. Looking at these looks, you can understand that Madhuri’s hair is very beautiful, shiny, and strong. Then she styles her hair in a bold way in every look with great confidence.

Let me tell you that Madhuri uses homemade hair oil to maintain strength and shine in these hairs. For this, they make oil by cooking onion and curry leaves in coconut oil and consume this oil at least twice a week.

Fairy princess

Madhuri Dixit

Usually girls are very saved by wearing plain white lehenga, long skirt or ghagra. Because carrying this colored dressage, that is, walking on a two-edged sword. One, take care of the clothes and also take care that there is no scarring. Nothing falls while eating, et cetera, et cetera.

But Madhuri carries a plain white base and moon-white white scarf with a plain white base. There are long earrings named after the jewelry, using white pearls. You can carry this kind of dress as easily as you can on your birthday or any special day. Especially when you want a more girlie look.

Chikankari kilt

This chikankari lehenga look of Madhuri was very much in the news. Because Chikankari is considered as the traditional embroidery of Lucknow. Which is usually seen only in suits, saris and dupattas. But when Madhuri came in this chikankari lehenga of fluorescent color with open hair and chocolate tone lipstick, the fans forgot to blink the eyelids for a while.

With this look of Madhuri, you can understand that if you are wearing any traditional work or say that this Lucknowi embroidery lehenga or saree, how can you look classic with simple makeup and hairstyle too?

Ghagra With Contrast Dupatta

These days, trend girls like it very much. Ghaghra is of a different color and contrasts team-up with a dupatta and a choli. This look of Madhuri is a very traditional Indian look.

But no matter how beautiful a dress is. It suits you only when you carry the right hairstyle, makeup, and jewelry with it.

Silk is a crease of leongas

There is a tremendous craze of silk lehengas at this time. In every wedding party, you will find girls and women in such lehengas. The specialty of these lehengas is that they are very light weight and they are easy to carry and their maintenance is not too heavy.

When everyone is wearing such lehengas, then how can you look different in the crowd, learn this style from this look of Madhuri. First of all pay attention to lipstick. The other special thing is not the dress but the earrings complementing the lipstick. The third special thing is the spaghetti style blouse and the most important is confidence. So now you can look different in silk lehenga too. (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

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